We are?


Led by Chef D who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu,
we believe in creativity and breaking out of the old tradition.
After tons of experimenting and travelling to
different countries to learn their culture and flavours,
we were able to marry ingredients around the world
and infuse it into our dishes.

So why ADW?

Around De World is a hip modern cafe that expresses youth and creativeness from its decor to its dishes.
Everything and I mean everything is made from scratch(of course not the pasta) and being fine tuned to suit

the taste of the locals with a twist.

Why Liang Seah Street?
Liang Seah Street is popular for its steamboats and chinese desserts. It lacks the lively youth vibrant atmosphere and therefore ADW is here!
Among all the shops, we stand out and are different from the rest. Just walk by Liang Seah Street and you will understand.